Motor Insurance

A comprehensive policy (normally known as a "fully comprehensive policy") covers third party damages and injuries and damages to your own vehicle (regardless of whose fault the accident was). Comprehensive policy also compensates you if your vehicle has being stolen or set on fire.

In additional to the standard comprehensive coverage, there are additional benefits, including:

  • Agent repair up to 3 years 
  • No depreciation on spare parts for the first 3 years. 
  • 8 Days car replacement following an accident
  • 24 hours road assistance 
  • 24 hours towing service in GCC countries 
  • Loss or damage due to storm, tempest and flood 
  • Personal accident benefits to driver and passengers (death& permanent disablement ) 
  • Theft and Fire cover 
  • Windscreen cover


Insurance products is underwritten by Bahrain National Insurance (bni) and Bahrain National Life Assurance (bnl) and NFH is its' registered Appointed Representative.

The information and descriptions contained in the above are not complete descriptions, but are for general information purposes only. Insurance products are subject to exclusions and special terms and conditions contained in policy documents. 

Insurance products are optional and underwritten by insurers, subject to terms and conditions of each policy. The information contained herein does not constitute any recommendation, endorsement or confirmation by NFH, of the insurance products offered by the insurers. NFH does not underwrite or issue insurance policies. NFH is not responsible for rejection of any application/claim. NFH’s responsibility is limited to providing customer support by way of receiving payments from the customer and forwarding them to the insurer, in addition to making such insurance products available to the customers.


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